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Naira Ashraf Video Leaked On Twitter And Reddit, Naira Ashraf Bio Images And Age Investigated!

Naira Ashraf Viral Video

According to the most recent news, a leaked video of the awful homicide victim of Naira Ashraf’s dead body on the mortuary, witnessing the severe injuries throughout her body, has astonished social media activists and supporters for women’s rights. The leaked video showing the body of an Egyptian homicide victim named Naira Ashraf has sent threats and shockwaves throughout Egypt, prompting the family’s lawyer to report the incident to the district attorney general, according to a local media outlet that reported on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

The victim’s family has launched a lawsuit against the hospital that presented the corpse. They also asked for an urgent investigation to uncover the offender. On Monday, 20 June 2022, Naira Ashraf ‘s roommate was murdered outside Mansoura College Campus in northern Egypt. This killing sparked widespread outrage in Egypt and exposed the country’s brutality towards women.

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Who is Mohamed Adel?

Naira Ashraf

The killer’s identity is Mohamed Adel, the man who confessed to her murder. He stabbed her and then slit her neck. He did this following her rejection of his love efforts. She was alone responsible for turning down his marriage proposal. Two weeks later, in the quickest trial in Egyptian history, the perpetrator was condemned to death by hanging. The video was discovered online by Ashraf’s relatives, who were startled. They were astounded to watch the footage of the victim with stab wounds.

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Who Is The Assassin?

The assassin’s name is Mohamed Adel, and he confessed to murdering her. He admits to stabbing her and then cutting her neck after she reportedly refused his love attempts. Her only mistake was to turn down his marriage proposals. In the shortest trial in Egyptian history, the murderer was sentenced to death by hanging roughly two weeks later. The Ashraf family said that they were taken aback when they saw the footage on the internet. They are astounded as to who published the video, which shows the stab injuries of the exposed lifeless body of the patient.

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Naira Ashraf Viral Video explain

After viewing the video, the sufferer’s family filed a legal motion against the hospital, Mansoura Normal Hospital, which operates the morgue where the corpse was kept, requesting an immediate probe in an effort to discover the particular person or individuals behind the video, as mentioned further within the stories. On Monday, June 20, 2022, outside the Mansoura faculty campus in Egypt’s northeastern region, Ashraf was assassinated by her roommate, eliciting widespread outrage in Egypt and highlighting the country’s profound problems with violence against women.

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