Viral NewsNaomi Tibbles video viral on social media, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

Naomi Tibbles video viral on social media, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

A beachfront hotel in Queensland, Australia, asked an OnlyFans star to “cover up” because they didn’t like the way she was dressed. Naomi Tibbles, who is 28 years old, said she would like a cold drink because she had just walked a long way on a trip to North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay, near Brisbane. So she chose to stay at the Point Lookout Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel.

But Naomi says that after 20 minutes at the bar, security guards asked her if she had anything to “cover up” with because she worked in a “family business.” “No, not really,” she said on TikTok on Saturday. “I’m on King’s Island, and I’ve only been to the beach.”

Naomi was shocked by what happened and then showed off her outfit: a bikini, crocheted pants, black sandals, and a hat. She said that she was on the popular island for a “mental health day” when things took an unexpected turn.

“I went to this pub that the front desk told me about. I’m drenched in sweat because I just walked about 3 kilometers and I’m going to walk home. Naomi said, “I’ll stop for a watermelon squirt.” At Universal Studios, I was “humiliated”: “Boobs are uncomfortable. After about 15 to 20 minutes, she said, security people came up to her.

“I know they’re talking about me because they’ve been watching me and talking about me on the radio. It’s cute, but I don’t know who they think I am. It turned out that they were interested in what I was wearing.

“The security guard told me right away, ‘There is a dress code here. She told him, “You can’t wear a thong here. Naomi then pointed to her shoes and asked, “Do they look like thongs for fucking?”

“Then he said, ‘We’re a family business.'” “Yeah, cool, I’m in a bar where kids aren’t allowed. I can only see two kids at the end of the damn restaurant where I’m not.

She said that the supposed event was rude, embarrassing, and rough. “Did I drink half my drink before I was told in front of the whole place?”

Naomi’s fans agreed that there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed. “I think it would look good on Australian beaches and islands,” said one Internet user. “I used to be able to jump out of the waves with only a surfboard and a beer that was dripping,” said someone else.

Another person said, “The beach is just a few steps away. Who goes to Straddie Point in anything but a swimsuit?

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