Viral NewsNaomi Tibbles Video Went Viral on Twitter, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

Naomi Tibbles Video Went Viral on Twitter, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel

A beachside hotel in Queensland, Australia, allegedly had an issue with an OnlyFans star’s clothing and requested her to “cover up.” Naomi Tibbles, 28, requested a cool beverage since she had recently traveled a considerable distance while visiting North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay, close to Brisbane. She thus made the choice to make a halt at the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel at Point Lookout.

However, Naomi alleges that after spending 20 minutes in the bar, security personnel approached her and asked if she had anything to “cover up” in as she works in a “family company.” She remarked on TikTok on Saturday, “I answered, ‘No, not really, since I’m on King’s Island and I’ve just gone to the beach.

The encounter left Naomi speechless until she displayed the offending ensemble, which included a bikini, crocheted slacks, black shoes, and a hat. She claimed that when things took an unexpected turn, she was on the well-known island on a “mental wellness day.”

“I visited the bar that the front desk recommended. I recently completed a three-kilometer walk while heavily perspiring, and I’m about to walk home. I’ll pause so I can spray some watermelon, said Naomi. At Universal Studios, I was “humiliated”: “Boobs are unpleasant. She said that security people contacted her after around 15 to 20 minutes.

“I can tell they’re talking about me because they’ve been listening to the radio and watching me. I’m like, “What the heck do they think I am? It’s pretty sweet.” It turned out that they wanted to talk about my clothing.

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Naomi Tibbles Video Went Viral on Twitter, Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel
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“The security guard informed me right away that there was a clothing code in place. A thong is not permitted here, she explained. Do these look like fucking thongs, Naomi queried her audience, pointing to her shoes.

He said, “Then he said, ‘We’re a family company. I’m at a pub that doesn’t accept children, so that’s nice. All I can see is two kids at the end of the blasted restaurant where I’m not.

She called the alleged event “brutal,” “rude,” and “embarrassing.” Did I consume half of my beverage before getting scolded in front of the whole bar?

The majority of Naomi’s supporters agreed, stating that her attire was appropriate. One internet user said, “Looks wonderful on Australian beaches, islands, in my view.” Another person added, “I used to be able to leap out of the waves with only a surfboard and a dripping beer.”

The seashore is just a few feet away, said another. Who goes to Straddie Punkt without a swimsuit?

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