HeadlineNashville Police Bodycam Footage VIDEO Went Viral

Nashville Police Bodycam Footage VIDEO Went Viral

The Nashville metropolitan police force put out a six-minute video of a heavily armed shooter being shot. The shooter is said to have killed three kids and three adults. The video was posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, but the event happened on Monday, March 27, 2023.

This terrible thing happened in Nashville at a private Christian school. The place is 10 miles south of the center of Nashville.

What did happen at the Nashville School?

Six people were shot by a person with a gun in a private school in Nashville. Three were children and three were adults. The whole thing happened in less than 15 minutes. The cops were called right away, and they got there in a few minutes. Where the cops had a Bodycam, they put out a 6-minute video of the armed man being shot and killed.

Bodycam footage of the school shooting in Nashville

The video shows how the cops look for the shooter and shoot him when they find him. They were holding riffles, but they didn’t have shields. As soon as they heard the person with a gun shooting, they ran up to the second-floor hallway and found the shooter near a window.

Suspect in Nashville School Shooting

John Drake, the head of the Metro Nashville Police Department, said that the killer is a former student at the covenant school named Audrey Elizabeth Hale.

They have also said that they have a plan for how to get into and out of the school in the form of a manifesto and plans. They also thought that Hale might be planning to hit Nashville shopping malls.

Victims of the school shooting in Nashville

The cops know the names of the six people who were shot in the school. They are Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, and one other person. All three children should be nine years old. Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Mike Hill, all staff members, were the other three people who were called adults. The ages of the staff members are said to be 61, 60, and 61.

Who Was Nashville School Shooting Killer?

At first, the cops said that the killer was a 28-year-old woman, but then they told her that Hale was transgender. The people who raised Hale thought that she only had one tool. Hale also convinced her parents that she had really sold the gun. Hale had seven guns, though.

Was Audrey Elizabeth Hale Mentally Affected?

Yes, the police chief said that the killer, whose name is “Hale,” has mental problems. Hale was getting help for the emotional problem that she had. Hale has kept the weapons hidden from their parents for a long time. (reported by the chief).

CCTV Footage of the School Shooting in Nashville

Yes, the six-minute video of the killer being shot was the first one that was shown on TV. After that, a two-minute video of the killer’s horrifying and terrifying act of entering the school was shown to the public. The two-minute video shows how the killer shot the glass and how he walked into the school and fired his gun in the lobby and classes.

All About the School Shooting in Nashville

A 28-year-old transgender person attacked a private school in Nashville and killed six people, including three students and three adults. The Nashville police shot and killed the transgender person, and this video was released by the police on March 27, 2023, with the help of a Bodycam that the police force had.

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