New Orleans Comedian Boogie B Passed Away, Cause Of Death & Obituary

Here’s some sad and shocking news: Boogie B died recently. Boogie B was a comedian with a lot of fame. He is no longer with his friends and family, and on Friday he took his last breath. The news came out recently on the Internet, and it quickly spread through many social networking sites. Since his death, everyone on social media has been sad about it. A lot of people want to know about Boogie B and how he died right now.

The full name of Boogie B was Boogie B is Brandon Montrell. He was a very well-known comedian who was great at rapping and dancing in front of big crowds. Because of this, he decided to become a comedian. After Hurricane Katrina forced him to leave Washington, DC, he became a must-see comedian in places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York, among others. He was very well-known as a comedian, and his best work earned him a lot of respect.

The news says that Brandon “Boogie B” Montrell died not too long ago. On Friday, December 23, 2022, he was shot and killed. This terrible thing happened outside of a grocery store in the Warehouse District.

New Orleans Comedian Boogie B Passed Away, Cause Of Death & Obituary

On Saturday, his family and an attorney told the public that he had died. Even though the New Orleans police and the office of the Orleans Parish Coroner made it public. When the news of his death hit the internet, it spread quickly on many social networking sites, and his fans are very saddened by it.

Boogie B was born in New Orleans but lived in Tampa for a while before moving back to Louisiana. After Montrell got his high school diploma from Bonnabel, he went to Delgado Community College.

According to the statement, Montrell moved to Washington, D.C., where he started working as a comedian “when crime and violence in New Orleans became alarming.” Since his death was reported on the internet, many people have sent condolences to his family and paid tribute to him on social media sites.

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