HeadlineOkemos high school news shooting today, Students are evacuating active shooter

Okemos high school news shooting today, Students are evacuating active shooter

After what seems to have been a suicide on campus Monday, classes at Cornell Elementary School in the Okemos School District were canceled on Tuesday.

In a letter to parents Monday night, school officials said that the students were sent home early Monday afternoon after a “unresponsive person” was found in the area. They said that schools have been locked down.

The letter said, “Students stay safe in their classrooms for the rest of the school day.” “More steps have been taken to make sure that students are always safe and being watched.”

The students were led through the hallway by adults, and it said that “classroom shutters were closed and hallway windows were covered to limit exposure to the conditions.”

On Tuesday, all Cornell events, including child care before and after, were canceled. Officials say that when classes start up again on Wednesday, counselors will be there to help students who need emotional support.

The letter says, “It can be hard for us to understand death, especially when it happens close to us.” “Many of us will be shocked, sad, and maybe even a little confused. The important thing is that we look out for each other and help each other.”

In the letter, school officials said that police had decided there was no active threat to the public and were investigating the death as a suicide.

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