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One Piece Chapter 1077 Spoilers, Release Date & Time, Raw Scans, What To Expect, Trailer

Even though One Piece chapter 1077 isn’t coming out for more than a week, fans are looking for any hints they can find. It’s safe to say that the last few seconds of Chapter 1076, when Eustass Kid and Shanks look like they’re getting ready for battle, helped make fans want to know more about the plot.

One Piece is on vacation this week, so spoilers for chapter 1077 won’t come out until later than planned. This means that fans won’t be able to find out anything about the issue until the week it comes out. Even though the news is bad, fans can expect a few important things to happen in this issue.

The raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1077

Most likely, One Piece chapter 1077 will not continue the focus on Shanks and Kid that was seen in the last pages of the last issue. This is bad news for fans. So far in the Egghead Island story arc, author and artist Eiichiro Oda has mostly changed the point of view, and it seems likely that he will do the same here.

Because of this, fans can probably expect to hear about Egghead Island again in the next issue. More proof of this idea can be found in chapter 1076, which talks about how more than 100 Marine ships are heading to Egghead Island to fight the Straw Hats.

The video for One Piece Chapter 1077

There are still some things that aren’t clear in Egghead, like who the Vegapunk traitor is and why Bonney is looking into her father’s memories. Fans say that Jewelry Bonney’s return will probably be one of the biggest reveals in One Piece chapter 1077.

What Can You Expect From Chapter 1077 of One Piece?

It seems like a good time to look back on Bonney’s journey, since she hasn’t been seen since chapter 1074 and her last actions were to focus on living through her father’s painful memories. If this is where the issue ends up going, fans can expect Bartholomew Kuma’s backstory to take up a big chunk of the issue.

The story of One Piece Chapter 1077

Oda’s backstory is probably the longest thing that needs to be finished before he can leave Egghead, so once he starts it, he’ll probably want to do it all. In One Piece chapter 1077, one thing that could be done instead of focusing on the many search parties that are looking for Dr. Vegapunk is to do this.

Also, it’s possible that the extra Seraphim will be found out because of this. Since the Seraphim are based on and meant to replace the Shichibukai, there may still be three left, even though supporters don’t know for sure.

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