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Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets emotional while interacting with beneficiary during Utkarsh Samaroh

Today, during the Utkarsh Samaroh in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got emotional while interacting with the beneficiaries. He was seen wiping his eyes while talking to one of the beneficiaries. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visibly moved after listening to the struggles of a poor woman from a village in Bikaner, who had been given financial assistance by an organization that works for such people. He also interacted with a differently-abled girl from Rajasthan, who had been given some assistance for her education by one of the ministries. It’s always nice to see such gestures by our PM.

The Prime Minister, while interacting with the beneficiary, asked him if he imparts education to his daughters, to which the latter said that one of the three daughters wanted to become a doctor.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the reason for the daughter to choose the medical profession as a career, to which she said, “I want to become a doctor because of the problem that my father is suffering from”.

It’s not everyday that the Prime Minister of India cries on live TV. And yet, Narendra Modi’s emotional moment at Utkarsh Samooh seems to have left an indelible mark on everyone who witnessed it.

Even though the event was hosted for the welfare of the underprivileged, it was PM Modi’s interaction with a few beneficiaries that brought tears to his eyes and left him speechless. As he went from stall to stall, each beneficiary came forward and shared their stories with him. At one such stall, he met a woman by the name of Mamta who had made a bamboo charkha her pet project.

A woman by the name of Mamta told Prime Minister Narendra Modi about how she used to sell bamboo utensils before she lost her sight in one eye.

She started making bamboo charkhas (used to make yarn) after she lost her sight in one eye.

PM Modi was extremely impressed with Mamta’s work and gifted her Rs 1 lakh, which left her visibly moved. She also invited him to come and see how she makes these charkhas – which are sold at Rs 1,200 each – herself.

In an emotionally-charged speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 24, 2016 interacted with beneficiaries of various schemes including Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna (PMUY) and Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) in his annual ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ in Vigyan Bhawan. He got emotional while interacting with the beneficiaries of PMFBY. He said, “For me government is not a system, but a means to serve people. I am serving the poor and deprived of the country.”

During his address at the Utkarsh Samvad, he shared a personal anecdote from his childhood when he had seen a woman crying after being denied a loan by banks for her milk business. He also said that he was moved by the plight of a young girl in Mandla district who wanted to study but was dissuaded by her father because she was a girl. At this point, our hearts broke as we were reminded of all those little girls and boys who want to become something big but are hindered due to social and financial constraints.

Getting emotional on the response of the girl, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained a few moments of silence and lauded her strength.
“Your compassion is your strength,” he said.
The Prime Minister was virtually addressing a gathering, Utkarsh Samaroh, in Gujarat’s Bharuch.

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