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Ramayan’s Sita aka Dipika Chikhlia faces ire of netizens for posing in a skirt

Trolling has found its latest subject in Dipika Chikhlia. The actress who is known as Sita from the original Ramayan posted a picture where she is seen with her gal pals.

The actress is seen wearing a white shirt, skirt and tie. It looks like there was some theme party. In her hands, there was a wine glass. The picture did not go down well with fans/netizens/trolls who love to remember her as Mata Sita from Ramayan.

They trolled her saying that it was inappropriate for her to post such a picture. As we know, these things have become big issues now. The picture was on her Instagram handle and people did not spare her. A person wrote, “Ye Apka Khon Sa Avtar Hai…?

Sorry, Dekh Kar Bilkul bhi Acha Nahi Laga…” Another person commented, “Maa ye aapne Haath me kaunsi drink le rakhi hai?” The comments did not stop.

Another person commented, “Aapko aise kpde nhi pehnne chaiye dipikaji hamne aapko devi ka drja diya hua h so.” We can see that people do not like to differentiate between reel and real. Anyways, Dipika Chikhlia decided to delete the picture. She is also active in politics. For the most up-to-date information, visit hostspotnews.com.

The actress has not been seen in many Hindi projects. Dipika Chikhlia said that Ramayan was a once-in-a-lifetime role. She told Hindustan Times, “I would love to do something like this once the lockdown is over. When I am no more, my body of work shouldn’t only be Ramayan, it should be much more. The movies I have done in Kannada or in Bengal, all of them have broken records. I should have a good body of work in the Hindi cinema apart from Ramayan.” The original show made by Ramanand Sagar saw tremendous ratings in the lockdown.

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