Launched in India: Redragon Stenor GS500 & Orpheus GS550 speakers

Redragon has introduced two brand-new video game-related products to the Indian market. However, the company has introduced two new versions of desktop gaming stereo speakers rather than its usual products, such as a new mouse, keyboard, or set of headphones. The Stenor GS500 and the Orpheus GS550 will now be discussed.


Redragon Stenor GS500

The 2.0 stereo desktop gaming speakers of the Stenor GS500 model have a single full range driver in each channel. For your peripheral needs, it offers a 3.5mm audio connector and a microphone input. A USB port that is directly connected to your laptop or desktop PC powers it.

It features flamboyant aesthetics typical of gaming speakers, like red flashing driving cones hidden beneath protective grilles, a large, rounded volume knob with an on/off switch, and red accent lights. With a 5 watt output per channel, the Redragon Stenor GS500 can deliver crisp highs and powerful bass.

Redragon Orpheus GS550

An analogous 2.0 stereo wired gaming desktop speaker is the new Orpheus GS550. However, it features a noteworthy feature that enables it to become a soundbar for your computer or TV. This makes the product a hybrid 2 in 1 speaker/soundbar that enables consumers to select their preferred shape. Additionally, it has drivers and a red illuminated knob that are identical to those on the Stenor model.

Notably, the Orpheus has a microphone and a headphone jack up front, allowing you to use it as a personal audio system. The manufacturer says that the full range sound produced by the 3 watt drivers will deliver strong bass without distortion at loud volume settings.

Cost and Availability

The two new desktop gaming stereo speakers have only recently been unveiled by the firm, and they will go on sale later this month. Both Amazon and the official Redragon website will offer it for sale. The Orpheus GS550 will cost 1,390 INR, while the Stenor GS500 will retail for 1,490 INR.

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