RIP: DJ Stevie Splash, Hillsborough DJ Steve Evans Cause Of Death and Obituary

Steve Evans was the real identity of DJ Stevie Splash. He died in a very sad way. The person was a popular DJ and an announcer for the English language. He had a lot of energy, and he brought that energy to the stadium with him. In the article, Steve’s death and what happened to him will be talked about in more depth. If you want to know more about the death, read on.

The article below tells what happened to him and why he died. He had been a Sheffield Wednesday Matchday DJ for a long time. His close friend told us that the news about the person was true. We found out about the sad news through social media. On social media, his close friends and fans have been giving him lots of praise. People mostly knew him as DJ Stevie Splash.

RIP: DJ Stevie Splash, Hillsborough DJ Steve Evans Cause Of Death and Obituary

He worked as an English language announcer and DJ and became well-known for it. Fans of football from the 1980s would definitely remember him. Fans will remember what he did on the field for sure. He also ran and owned several clubs. He was running clubs in Wakefield and Bradford. DJ Stevie was also given credit for the song “We Are the Owls,” which he helped to make. The famous person used to play football.

And became a sports announcer because he knew a lot about the sport. The song was why he decided to change careers and become a DJ. Wednesday, December 21, 2022, DJ Steve died. His family still has to confirm his age and the time he died. One of his close friends on Facebook told us about the news. He told everyone about RIP’s secret friend.

Wrote that he was famous back in the 1980s. Reports say that he died in his home, but his family still needs to confirm the exact cause of his death. As soon as news comes out about his death, it will be posted on the website. Many of the person’s fans have written “RIP” and “Legend” in tweets about him to show their respect. Many people hope that the clubs

Will acknowledge that he has died and do something to honor him. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and close friends of the people who have died. We wish them strength and hope to get through this difficult time. Details about the funeral and public viewing haven’t been talked about yet, but they will be posted on the website when they are. Stevie’s death notice is also not ready yet.

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