Death NewsRIP: How Did Evelyn Dieckhaus Die? A 9-Year-Old Girl Killed In Nashville,...

RIP: How Did Evelyn Dieckhaus Die? A 9-Year-Old Girl Killed In Nashville, TN, School Shooting

The family of the nine-year-old girl who was shot and killed at school on Monday sent a message. Six people were shot and killed at the Covenant School in Green Hills. One of them was Evelyn Dieckhaus. In a message that was made public and that CNN was able to get, her family said they couldn’t believe what had happened.

After going into the school with three guns and “considerable ammunition,” 28-year-old Audrey Hale started shooting and killed five more people. Metro Police officers got to the school in less than 14 minutes and shot and killed the shooter on the second floor.

Who Was Evelyn Dieckhaus?

Our hearts are completely broken. We can’t even begin to understand this. Evelyn was a bright light in this world. A family called Dieckhaus says, “We really appreciate the kindness and support, but we need some time to grieve.” In the US, there are often tragic mass shootings at schools.

The Gun Violence Archive says that there were 24 mass shootings at schools in 2021. Ten people died and 36 were hurt. Given this shocking number, it’s clear that America’s gun violence problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible. There are many and complicated reasons why people shoot up schools.

A 9-Year-Old Girl Evelyn Dieckhaus Killed In Nashville, TN, School Shooting

Some of the things that have been shown to play a role in these cases are psychiatric disorders, bullying, being left out of social groups, and just having access to guns. Even though mental illness is often blamed for these kinds of shootings, research has shown that most people with mental illness are neither aggressive nor dangerous. In fact, they are much more likely to be the victims of violence than the aggressors.

Evelyn Dieckhaus Family Releases Statement

School killings are hard to stop because there are so many guns in the US. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution protects the right to carry weapons. Gun ownership is a big part of American culture. Still, the ease with which guns, especially assault weapons, can be bought has led to a lot of people who shouldn’t have guns getting them.

In response to these deaths, people have asked for stricter gun laws, such as background checks, age limits, and a ban on assault weapons. Opponents of these policies, on the other hand, say that they violate the rights of gun owners under the Second Amendment and are therefore unconstitutional.

Another way to stop school killings is to deal with the reasons why they happen. In addition to putting metal detectors and having more police officers in schools, this means taking care of mental health issues, reducing bullying and social isolation, and getting rid of cyberbullying.

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