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RIP! Jimmy Millar, a former Rangers legend, passed away at age 87

On October 20, 2022, Jimmy Millar, an accomplished and well-known football player who had previously represented Rangers Dundee, Dunfermline Athletic, and many more teams, passed away at the age of 87. He was also honoured in the Hall of Frame of Rangers, and when the news of his passing broke, it saddened everyone.

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Now everyone is curious as to what happened to him and how he passed away. If you are unfamiliar with this personality, don’t worry; we’ve included some information on him that will enlighten you. To learn more about this legend, let’s look at the section after this one.

Jimmy Millar: Who Was He?

He was born in Scotland on November 20, 1934. Scot Symon, the manager of Rangers, signed him on January 12th for £5000. Davie Wilson, John Greig, Jim Baxter, Alex Scott, Bobby Shearer, and Eric Caldow were some of his side players when he played in the centre. He set a record by scoring 30 goals in all during the Scottish Cup.

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He left the Rangers in 1967, took over as manager of the Raith Rovers, and eventually retired.

Funeral information and tributes for Jimmy Millar

As his family talked about him, his son mentioned that his father recognised him, which was a good development. He also enjoys seeing his parents when you visit their home and they look at you with cheerful eyes.

He also loves his mother dearly, and whenever he leaves, he inquires after her whereabouts. Other people also paid tribute to him, and we offer our sympathies to the family. May he rest in peace. Follow us for more of the most recent developments.

How Passed Away Jimmy Millar?

At age 87, he abandoned us on October 20, 2022. His family revealed to him in 2017 that he had been diagnosed with dementia, a condition in which the brain cannot function normally due to trauma or other conditions.

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Additionally, according to his family, this occurred during a game he participated in, leaving him with brain injuries. Later, as his health concerns deteriorated and he sought treatment for them, he ultimately passed away due to his worsening condition.

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