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Sanskrit commentary Captures With His Fluency. On Twitter, a video becomes popular

Cricket analysis has traditionally been done in English and Hindi, but Sanskrit commentary is unquestionably unique.

On a recent video posted on social media, a little boy can be seen providing cricket commentary in Sanskrit during a game of gully cricket. The video began with a group of teenagers playing cricket in a small area while speaking Sanskrit to one another.

One of the boys who was visible at the start of the video was offering Sanskrit commentary. Online viewers have been astounded by the innovative concept of the Sanskrit commentary and the commentator’s fluency.

Sanskrit commentary Video Viral on twitter

The video was submitted to Twitter by Lakshmi Narayana B S. with the comment “Sanskrit and cricket.” It received more than 6,600 likes and more than 133,000 views on the microblogging platform.

Cricket fans enjoy both watching and listening to the game. Without a voice to accompany it, the visual allure is only somewhat as powerful.

Sanskrit commentary has been a very important method for involving fans in matches and educating them about their statistics and trivia. A knowledgeable commentator has always captured attention and made an impression on listeners when employed effectively.

One person referred to it as vital, saying, “Need this Sanskrit cricket commentary in international cricket also.

For a very long time, Hindi, English, and other regional languages have been used to broadcast cricket commentary. But having a Sanskrit cricket commentary for gully cricket is undoubtedly new.

Internet surfers were astounded by the magnificent sight. “I’ve never heard cricket commentary in Sanskrit, but I do recall that everyone used to speak Sanskrit to the pupils when I attended a Sanskrit workshop.

What a time it was, one person noted, and another added, “My gosh!!! Too good, everyone should be able to speak like this in regional languages as well as Sanskrit “.

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