Sashimi Poker Video & Photos Viral On Social media

The ongoing Poker show on YouTube hadn’t given anyone the creeps since there was a scandal when a woman used a toy to distract the other players. In another case, it turned out that the player was trying to cheat, but this was also just a guess. Now that the Poker show is still on, there is a new controversy.

One of the players had a wardrobe malfunction while she was on camera, and the cameraman caught it. Too many people were offended by the scene, and many thought it was just a joke on the show.

The poker show was once involved in a scandal that made viewers angry. Earlier in the show, a player named Ronny Lade was accused of cheating male opponent Garrett by using a vibrating device to distract other players.

During this accusation, it also came out that Robbi cheated and used a bold hero call to win 269,000 dollars from the game. But it turned out that the woman wasn’t cheating at all. Instead, Sashimi didn’t get the money because a staff member stole 15k dollars from the sets.

When the show aired on Monday, December 5, 2022, the cameraman zoomed in on the chest of a player and Sashimi. When the sashimi was playing her game, it was clear that her dress was slipping, which happens a lot on the show.

Even though the woman was trying to cover her chest and adjusting her dress, at one point, her dress slipped way too far, and viewers could see their n*p slip out of the player. The sashimi didn’t know that her dress was getting loose. She had nothing on her chest, and she was busy playing poker.

Many people pointed out the thing to the team when the show came out later. Why didn’t they notice something like that? The show’s owners, Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci were told that Sashimi’s dress was lipped in the footage and that it was a wardrobe malfunction, but they didn’t seem to care.

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Feldman said in one Tweet that Sashimi might have done that, but he didn’t know that Sashimi had done something on the show until it happened and someone told him. This could have been done to get people’s attention. So, when this video was posted online, it caused a lot of trouble, and many people also made fun of it.

On the other hand, while the show was available on the internet, many people watched it. Netizens were divided into two groups: one group was offended and asked why such a thing was uploaded, and the other group made fun of the scene by assuming it was planned.

Sashimi might have worn a body suit with fake nps and a np slip that could be seen. Even though this is just a guess, it could be right because the team, Ash, hasn’t answered yet. Maybe this was just a way to get attention.

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