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SBI Alert: People who pay their electricity bills online should know this or they could lose a lot of money.

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If you also pay your electric bill online, this is important information for you. Your bank account can be wiped out by just one mistake. The SBI bank has sent out an alert about this, so let’s find out what’s going on.

SBI Customer Alert

The biggest bank in the country has sent out a warning to people who pay their electricity bills online. In fact, cybercriminals have come up with a new way to cheat. When the bill comes out, many electricity companies and suppliers send an SMS or WhatsApp message to the customer telling them how much it is and when it is due. By sending similar messages, cybercriminals lure people into their traps.

What’s going to happen in the message?

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In fact, these thieves tell them how much money is still owed on their electricity bill and tell them to call the number given right away to pay it.

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Not only that, but the SBI message also talks about turning off your electricity, which makes customers fall into their trap. When you do this, they get your financial information and use it to cheat you.

SBI alert

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State Bank of India, which is the largest public sector bank in the country, has also sent out similar messages to warn people. In fact, a lot of Twitter users have complained about getting these kinds of messages.

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The bank has told you not to call or respond to any such message. If you do, your account could be wiped out. Most of the time, the electricity board or the provider sends SMS from the official number. So check it always.

Be alert from fraud

If you pay your electricity bill online, you can also change it by contacting your electricity company or suppliers. When paying online or doing anything else with money, you should always double check by looking at both sides.

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