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Skylord, a Free Fire YouTuber, Was Killed In A Car Accident and the Cause Was Given

No Limits YouTuber Skylord Passed Away In A Car Accident; Cause of Death Identified: Here, we’re going to break some major, surprising news with you: SkyLord, a well-known YouTuber who specialised in making Free Content under the name Abhiyuday Mishra, is no longer alive.

People are astonished by this piece of information, which has shocked everyone who has heard it. According to the source, his death was terrible.

YouTuber Skylord from Free Fire Perished In A Road Accident: Details surprising news for the masses, and everyone is horrified Real Name Subscribers

How Did Skylord Pass Away?

He died as a result of the wounds sustained in the car collision, the report states. On Monday, September 26th, 2022, he had an accident. the Indore-based YouTuber. 1.45 million people had become subscribers to him. He was a pretty well-known YouTuber, and many people are familiar with him.

While on a trip, he was in an accident. Abhiyuday was reported to be on a “MP Tourism Riding Tour” by a reliable newspaper. The automobile and the YouTuber collided. Yes, he was struck by a truck, which happened in the afternoon at around 2 pm on the Narmadapuram-Pipariya state highway close to Sohagpur.

We can see his most recent Instagram stories post just looking at it. He is participating in the riding tour of Madhya Pradesh while sporting a Kawasaki jacket. Let us tell you that according to certain press reports, they were participants in the state government’s crazy biker trip, which promoted travel to and from Khajuraho. We prayed for him as well, and God granted him peace and his family strength to endure the awful period.

The tour began on September 21, 2022, and was scheduled to end on September 27, 2022, according to the aforementioned story. after the day Abhiyuday passed away. On Sunday, the tour group landed at Pachmarhi. Nobody anticipated losing a wonderful man and a YouTuber.

This tragic accident claimed a life. His family is experiencing a difficult time. He was a fantastic YouTuber who built an extraordinary fan base. His supporters expressed their condolences on social media as they mourned his passing. To read more about the news, scroll down the page.

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