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Snapchat launches a new creative feature Two cameras: Here’s how to put it to use:

Snapchat Dual Camera feature launched

Snapchat has added a new feature called Dual Camera. The feature has previously been seen on various Android devices, but Snapchat is introducing some unique elements to make it more appropriate for their platform. The Snapchat camera is one of the most popular camera modules, and Snap is introducing a new Dual Camera feature within the module to capture multiple perspectives at the same time. This will allow everyone to be a part of the image/video. Hostspotnews

How to Use the New Snapchat Dual Camera Feature?

When you open it, you’ll notice a new icon in the camera toolbar. You can begin creating Snaps and Stories, as well as more polished Spotlight videos, with double the perspective with a single tap. Snapchat claims that Dual Camera is a unique way for their community to capture exciting moments while also being a part of the memory – such as at a music festival – or everyday moments such as culinary adventures in the kitchen.

Dual Camera layouts to choose from

Dual Camera comes in four different layouts: vertical, horizontal, picture in picture, and cutout. The outcomes of these layouts vary. Vertical is the most common dual camera configuration we’ve seen on various smartphones. Horizontal is essentially the same layout as vertical, but with horizontal placements. Picture-in-Picture mode, similar to a video call, will allow one camera to show in a relatively small space. Cutout is the fourth and final layout. As the name implies, it takes the subject from one camera and superimposes it on the footage from the other. The new feature will also be compatible with Snapchat’s other editing features, which are mostly used with regular posts. Snapchat creative tools, such as music, stickers, and lenses, will also be available to users.

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Dual Camera will be available on iOS worldwide beginning August 29. According to the company, Android support will not be available until the coming months.

Snap has also established a reward programme for Spotlight creators, in which millions of dollars are made available to eligible Snapchatters who create the top Spotlight Snaps. Share your Dual Camera creations on Spotlight, or if inspiration strikes quickly, create a Snap or Story.

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