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Southern Railway freight lading grew in April

Chennai, May 3 Southern Railway closed the first month of the current financial growing its freight lading.
According to Southern Railway, the forming freight lading for April was about3.23 million tons (MT), exceeding the Railway Board’s target by0.462 million tonnes.

In April 2021, Southern Railway had loaded2.88MT.

The Zone generated a profit of Rs283.36 crore during the month of April 2022, which is over 18 percent when compared to April 2021 which is the matching period of the last fiscal time.
Coal, which is being transported on precedence, has witnessed a lading of1.581 MT during April 2022 exceeding the Board’s target by 24 percent and over the lading of the former month, i.e. March 2022 by 19 percent.

It also contributed to a profit of Rs134.15 crore.

According to Southern Railway, the lading of foodgrains, cement, petroleum products, diseases, and road material for the sword shops also grew last month as against the matching period last time.
The Business Development Units of the Zone garnered the business of Mutate of Potash (Fertiliser) during the month of April 2022.
A aggregate of tonnes of the commodity was loaded in carts and was dispatched from Tuticorin Port Trust to Kovvur in Vijayawada on April 28, 2022, generating a profit of Rs 35 lakh.

How did increasement of Southern Railway’s freight traffic lading?

Southern Railway’s freight traffic lading increased in April, the company announced on Tuesday. The number represented a 1.2% improvement over the same time period last year. Southern Railway is America’s oldest and largest single-operator railroad.

It is a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation, one of the nation’s premier transportation companies, which also owns the Norfolk Southern Railway and the Wisconsin Central Ltd.

Southern Railway freight lading grew in April, marking the fourth month in a row of increased tonnage. Officials attribute this to an improved economy and the resulting growth in manufacturing. The railway has also made efforts to improve its service by updating technology and increasing productivity.

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