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Sriya Lenka has Amazing Journey from India to South Korea

Sriya Lenka,an 18-year-old girl from Odisha has joined the K-pop girl group Blackswan, becoming India’s first star in the Korean popular music genre, reports said. Sriya Lenka was among four people who underwent training after reportedly being chosen out of 4,000 people who had auditioned to join the group. Gabriela Strassburger Dalcin aka Gabi will also join Blackswan with Lenka. She was approached by several K-pop agencies looking to sign her on as a trainee singer or actor in Seoul, South Korea.

Why she moved?

After spending two years at a music school in New Delhi, Sriya Lenka decided it was time for a change. She had been dreaming of becoming a K-pop singer since she was 15 and decided that it was finally time to make her dream come true. Sriya flew out to Seoul, South Korea with his savings in hopes of creating an opportunity for herself—and she never looked back. The 18-year-old is scheduled to release her first single, Blossom, next month and says that if all goes well, she plans on releasing an album within three months after that. Regardless of whether or not things go according to plan, though, we’re excited to see what happens!

Sriya Lenka says she fell in love with K-pop as a teenager growing up in New Delhi, but she never dreamed of becoming a singer.

The many challenges she faced along the way

Sriya Lenka went through a lot of hardships before reaching her dream. There were times when she was so hungry that she could not sleep at night and wanted to end her life but then she always thought about her mother’s advice as long as you are alive there is still hope. Because of these words, Sriya would go out again and look for food even if it meant stealing or begging on the streets. It took 5 months of searching before Sriya was able to get a job in Seoul as a trainee which was paid poorly but at least allowed her to have food every day.

How she got discovered on YouTube?

Sriya Lenka says she fell in love with K-pop as a teenager growing up in New Delhi, but she never dreamed of becoming a singer. Instead, Sriya pursued her dream of becoming an actress. However, when one YouTube video led to another and then another, Sriya soon discovered that her singing voice had become an unexpected hit with viewers. Today, Sriya can be found making headlines around Asia as an Indian pop star just getting ready to launch her debut single and music video in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a remarkable journey that started on YouTube and grew into something much more extraordinary than anyone could have imagined. And now I’m so excited for you all to hear my first single Power of Love.

Her new song

Sriya’s new single is a collaboration with Korean singer Yubin, and both singers say they’re very excited about their latest project. The song features lyrics by Yubin and music by Shin Hyuk, a well-known composer who has worked with popular K-pop artists in recent years. The accompanying music video for Losing Control was filmed on Jeju Island, one of South Korea’s most beautiful vacation spots. Sriya Lenka is expecting her first child soon, so she has started her own production company in order to promote herself as an actress, singer and dancer in addition to being an entrepreneur. She plans on returning to Asia soon for another concert tour later in 2018 before starting work on her next album early next year.

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