Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison leaked video went viral

According to testimony given in court, Stephen Bell, a reality personality from Essex, allegedly leaked CCTV images of him and Georgia Harrison having Se* without getting their permission. Bear, 32, of Loughton, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 and is most known for his appearances on Ex, entered a not-guilty plea to two counts of disclosing s*ul images or videos and one offense of voyeurism.

In order to monetize websites like WhatsApp, OF, Bear is suspected of distributing CCTV images of him and Love Island star Georgia Harrison having $e* in his Lawton garden in August 2020. Georgia said she was unaware they were being recorded and that she had never consented to share the video. Thus, she renounced her right to automatic anonymity.

At the start of the trial today, the jury heard testimony from the State of Georgia and the prosecutor Jacqueline Carey. Despite Georgia’s request, Ms. Carey claims Bear shared the film for his own or others’ “s*ual enjoyment.”

Bell told Georgia after they had 3ex that there was CCTV in the garden, which Ms. Carey said she may have recorded in her opening statements. According to reports, this is the first time the woman has heard about the CCTV. Bell allegedly sent Ms. Carey a copy of the tape after that.

Later that evening, she discovered that he had forwarded the video via WhatsApp, the author said. He claimed he did as she instructed him to cancel the message. She remained the night, went home the next day, and asked the same question again.

In the months that followed, Georgia heard whispers that the video had been watched and could be found on OF, a website that 3ex workers occasionally use to distribute content online, according to Ms. Carey. She allegedly discovered Bear’s account, which had a video and screenshots of her having a sxul experience with him, when the lady later visited O.F, according to Ms. Carey.

Georgia then came across a Bell message that was purported to be an “advertisement” for the video on the internet. I can’t wait for you to see me having $#x in my garden; I’ll be posting the video later tonight, Bale reportedly wrote in a message to his followers. “From all of us,” Ms. Carey said. On the one hand, everything is advertising. The defendant is making money by selling the footage.

After being shared online, Bear’s Instagram video was shown in court. According to Bell, the woman in the video was “absolutely not her,” and the last time he saw Georgia was in Thailand. On the day the video was made public, Ms. Carey testified to the jury, Bell sent a message to Georgia denying any wrongdoing on the latter’s part. Bell claimed in audio memos played to the jury that the woman was thinking.

When everything is said and done, you look like an idiot since you made up an explicit falsehood, he was also heard stating. He can be heard stating, “Damn you lost the plot,” and “Stay away from drgs,” in a communication.

According to Ms. Carey, the prosecution claims that Bear intentionally shared and posted the movies so that he or another person could use them to “enjoy s*ual fulfillment” and profit from the videos shared on websites like O.F.

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