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The Apple Mixed Reality headset might be released in January 2023 at a hefty $2000 price tag

We’ve previously covered a number of rumours about Apple releasing its first mixed reality headset. The most recent information on this device has indicated that the new AR/VR headset may be released at the beginning of next year, but it may burn a hole in your pocket.

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Apple lauched its best headset

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known expert, broke the news. Kuo stated in a fresh tweet that the Cupertino-based company plans to release its “next innovative consumer electronics product after the iPhone” next year. For those who are unaware, the mixed reality headgear will reportedly support both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. But, sadly, it will also be rather costly. It will allegedly cost between 2,000 and 2,500 US dollars when it is released.

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The expert also stated that the mixed reality headgear might be available as early as January 2023. According to Kuo, the unveiling of this headgear would likewise focus on three factors. Its applications, the software/service/development environment, and hardware specs are all part of this. Interestingly, the mixed reality headset isn’t the only one that the company is working on, as he thinks that Apple will also release an AR-only headset.

Apple VR headset

Aside from that, the business would reportedly release a low-cost version of its headgear goods by early 2025. Unfortunately, the expert only revealed this information on Twitter. Even if this claim is correct, the product’s introduction is still months away. However, we may expect more leaks in the coming future, so stay tuned for more information.

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