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The Telangana Experiment: A New State in India

Some About Telagana state

The Indian state of Telangana was formed on June 2, 2014. The state was initially called the State of Telangana, but the government officially named it as Telangana in November 2014.

Hyderabad will serve as the capital city of Telangana and both Andhra Pradesh. Telangana will share the common capital city until 2024. When Hyderabad will be the capital of Telangana alone.


In May 2014, India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi appointed K. Chandrashekar Rao as chief minister of Telangana state. The appointment was controversial because Mr. Rao (or KCR) had previously helped orchestrate an armed insurgency against Indian rule.

But with his guidance, and that of Prime Minister Modi, a new government is taking shape with hopes to transform not, only Indian politics but its culture and future, too.


The state of Andhra Pradesh was created as part of India’s reorganization after Independence.The Indian government created the state of Andhra Pradesh as part of India’s reorganization after Independence. By merging all Telugu-speaking regions of erstwhile Madras Presidency and princely states under a single administration.

On 1 October 1953, the northern and southern parts of Andhra Pradesh were separated to form two different states – Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Following a period of unrest and calls for separation by Telanganists, popular demand led to the creation of a separate state for Telugu speakers in June 2014,[7] which was carved out from coastal Andhra Pradesh.


The creation of a new state raises questions about how it will be governed. Many believe that creating a federal structure is critical to providing adequate representation to different groups and avoiding tensions that can lead to future conflict. In Telangana, however, political leaders have suggested there should be zero political interference in local government affairs. Creating effective governance structures—both at the state and local levels—is essential for building trust between people and institutions.


Agriculture is a major part of Telangana’s economy, as it is located in a region where several rivers originate. Hyderabad was one of India’s first major software development and IT outsourcing hub, although it has lost some luster to Bangalore and other locations due to infrastructure issues. The other main industry is tourism-oriented towards nearby destinations such as Shirdi, Ramoji Film City, and Red Hills Deer Park. Trade is also important because of Hyderabad’s central location within India.


The new state, like many others in India, is largely rural. Even though there is an abundance of land, it is still tough to get higher education services and facilities. With 1.2 million students, Hyderabad alone has more college students than all of neighboring Karnataka state.Which has a population of nearly 60 million people and encompasses 13 percent of Indian territory.

And while some states like Kerala or Tamil Nadu have literacy rates as high as 91 percent — meaning that over nine out of 10 people can read and, write — illiteracy rates are approaching 20 percent across Telangana. This means that if every student graduates from school, there will be two job seekers for every available post.


With a history that dates back to at least 3000 BC, Hyderabad is one of South Asia’s oldest cities.Hyderabad and its surroundings are dotted with hundreds of historical sites. As well as a number of attractions dedicated to culture and heritage.

One thing that stands out about tourism in Telangana is its emphasis on eco-tourism. The state has been ranked among India’s greenest states, making it a prime destination for eco-tourism. It an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Although it will be some time before there are major international hotel chains operating hotels, in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas. There are plenty of low-cost accommodations available. The presence of international schools with curriculum taught in English adds to the appeal for families traveling from outside India.

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