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Turkish pop star Gulsen imprisoned for making a joke about religious schools in Turkey

The video was taken in Ankara, Turkey, where Turkish pop star Gulsen was reportedly detained for serious offences. She has been charged with “inciting hatred and enmity” by making some jokes. Gulsen made some jokes about Turkey’s religious schools, and the country’s state-run news agency publicised the incident. Gulsen Colakoglu, a middle-aged singer and songwriter, is 46 years old. Gulsen, as she is commonly known, was kidnapped from her home in Istanbul by police officers after making some serious and offensive jokes about the country’s religious prospects. The police were called to this incident on Thursday. She is currently detained by police and awaits her trial in the courtroom.

Gulsen, a Turkish pop star, was arrested for what reason?

Many trends are also surfacing on the internet, such as calls for her arrest for infringing on religious sentiments. Prior to this incident, she had become a target of Islamic circles due to her revealing clothing during stage performances. She had previously unfurled the LGBTQ flag and later apologised for her actions. In short, she is no stranger to controversy. In one of her statements, she stated that she has great respect for all religious values and sentiments. She never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, and if she did so unintentionally, she immediately apologised.

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Arrested Turkish Pop Star Gulsen

Her arrest has also caused quite a stir on social media platforms. This is a public relations stunt that has been halted by the government due to the upcoming elections in 10 months. This is just a simple effort by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in response to an incident that has hurt their countrymen’s feelings. The charges were based on a joke Gulsen made during an April concert in Istanbul, in which she made fun of one of her co-performers who was coming straight from religious school to perform. The video of the singer making that not-so-funny remark about the boy quickly went viral.

Turkish Pop Star Gulsen: All Charges & Allegations

During her court trial, she denied all of the allegations and even apologised for any unintentional harm she caused someone. Her bail application is still pending, and her subsequent trials are being rejected on a regular basis. Even the judiciary appears to want to keep her in prison for a long time by repeatedly ignoring her petitions. Many political parties intervened in this case by requesting that the jury release her because she had already apologised for her error. This incident has now become a hot topic of debate among politicians 10 months before the elections. Let’s see where this case goes until then, and stay tuned.

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