HeadlineUFO Montana Video FO Shot Down Over Montana After Canada

UFO Montana Video FO Shot Down Over Montana After Canada

We’re here to tell you about a video that’s going viral on social media. Right now, a lot of people are rushing to social media, and they’re also interested in what’s going on. Recently, a cylinder-shaped object was spotted over Montana, right after it was spotted over Canadian air space. This video is being watched by a lot of people right now, and it’s causing a lot of trouble on social media sites.

Right now, the whole department and team are working on it. This week, the US says it shot down another foreign object in the sky near Alaska. It doesn’t sound like a weather balloon, though, and airspace was closed over parts of Montana. This happened on Saturday, and a fighter jet was sent to check out a radar. But everyone is working on the problem right now.

They have been in direct contact and have been keeping an eye on all the problems with the northern border airspace being closed because some of the objects were getting in the way of commercial air traffic. However, the DOD will be resuming efforts to observe and ground the objects in the morning. They also tweeted that everything was back to normal, but they didn’t say anything else.

People wanted to know exactly what happened when a high-altitude object was spotted flying over Canada on Saturday. The Canadian government, including the prime minister, has been looking into the matter. Canadian forces have been recovering and analyzing the object, and they have been keeping an eye on North America. This video is now going viral on all social media sites.

It was a threat to civilian aircraft due to its high altitude, which was 40,000 feet. It was spotted and tracked by military intelligence on Thursday, and an F22 fighter jet took it down without any problems. We’ll keep you posted on any new information, since it’s still a mystery and no one is coming forward to explain what happened, but it sounded like an old-fashioned flying saucer.

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