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The electric bike Ultraviolette F77 will have a 300+ km range! Pre-ordering will cost ten thousand rupees.

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The company Ultraviolette hosted a celebration called “Battery Day.” As the event’s name suggests, the business shared details about their battery technology. According to the manufacturer, their new battery pack can travel more than 300 kilometres on a single charge. Let us inform you that the Ultraviolette F77, the company’s first electric bike, is now the fastest electric bike in India.

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Ultraviolette F77 will have a 300+ km range

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At its Battery Day event, Ultraviolette unveiled its Power Module 2.0 battery pack. According to the manufacturer, this battery pack is the biggest one for an electric two-wheeler in the nation.

The manufacturer has also stated that this battery pack will enable the electric bike to travel more than 300 kilometres on a single charge.

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Additionally, the business has indicated that Ultraviolette F77 Customers can pre-order this electric sports bike for Rs. 10,000 starting on October 23. Will be able to do it with a pre-book.

On November 24th, more information will be made public after this. On this day, the electric bike will also be unveiled.

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Business Ultraviolette F77 electric bicycle I currently have a battery pack with 21,700 cells in it. The battery pack on the electric bike will have 18,650 cells, the business had previously stated. This electric bike is being tested with three degrees of regenerative braking and riding modes for maximum range.

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According to the manufacturer, this EV attained a range of 307 kilometres during testing. It is likely to have a different (smaller than claimed) range in the actual world, much like any other car. The company is putting this bike through four different types of testing, including track testing, hill-climbing testing, overloading testing, suspension and ABS tuning testing, and real-world testing.

For more than 5 years, the Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle has been under development. The bundled electric motor has a maximum output of 33.5 horsepower and a maximum torque of 90 Nm.

Additionally, it has a top speed of 147 km/h. will debut in India This electric motorcycle has a 2.9-second 0-60 kmph acceleration time and a 7.5-second 100 kmph acceleration time.

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