HeadlineUniversity Student 'Steven Mainwaring' Found Dead, Cause Of Death & Obituary

University Student ‘Steven Mainwaring’ Found Dead, Cause Of Death & Obituary

Steven Mainwaring, a student at Oregon State University, was found dead by police earlier this week. The student had been reported missing, and police were looking for him. According to the news, the police found the student dead on Mary’s Peak near Philomath, and it turned out that the student was Steven.

Even though Steven’s family and friends had been looking for him for a long time, they were all heartbroken when they found out he was dead. Steven has been missing for two weeks, and many people are shocked by the news of his death.

The 22-year-old student was found dead at Marys Peak in Benton County on Sunday, January 1, 2023, according to the Corvallis police. Police also said that Steven’s body was found in the rural areas of Mary’s Peak, which is close to Philomath.

Later, police said that even though the body was found, they did not think it resulted from any crime or foul play. Steven’s family and friends confirmed that the body was his, even though they hadn’t heard from him since the day he went missing and two weeks later, when they were all worried about him.

When Steven’s family talked about him, they said he had been missing for two weeks. They also confirmed that he was in Klamath Falls before Christmas, where he wanted to spend some time off. They also said that he may have gone fishing to take a day off and go on a trip.

Later, they found out they had not heard from him. Steven’s mother, Bethany Cooky, said she wanted to know how her son was doing. She knows how painful it is to be worried about your child while he is dying. She also said that he wasn’t at their house on Christmas Eve or Christmas, and that it was strange that he didn’t even wish her a Merry Christmas.

During the press conference, the police said that Steven’s cell phone was being tracked. The last place they could find it was near the Alsea village, but they knew that it had gone off and that he might have moved deeper into the forest. Steven’s family said that he used to enjoy outdoor activities, adventures and exploring, and it seemed like he was always going out.

Bethany also says that Steven was reliable and trustworthy when exploring during this time. Bethany said that even though her son liked going on trips by himself and was a “lone wolf,” he would always tell his mother what he did and where he went.

When Steven was away, his family took photos of him and his car, which helped the team find him. Even though it was said that Steven’s car couldn’t be found anywhere, the family putting out the pictures was a very important step.

Bethany’s claim that she would have faced the truth about her son shows that she was ready for something to happen to her child. She was lucky that her child would tell her if he was okay. On the other hand, she says that Steven learned several ways to stay alive in the jungle and other tough places.

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