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Vaishali Takkar, a TV star from “Sasural Simar Ka,” was discovered dead in her Indore home

Recent shocking news revealed that Vaishali Takkar, an actress who starred in Sasural Simar Ka, had been found hanged in her home. The cast of Sasural Simar Ka as well as the other actors were all shocked when Vaishali Takkar committed suicide, and they all wanted to know why.

She was reportedly living in her Indore home for a year when she was found dead, and it has been reported that a suicide note was also found there. This case was initially reported to Tejaji Nagar Police Station.

Vaishali Takkar: Who Was She?

She was an Indian television actress who appeared in numerous roles, including the most well-known one on Sasural Simar Ka. She also played Shivani in Super Sisters and Manmohini 2, among other roles. She began her acting career by appearing in the Star Plus drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, where she played Sanjana for a year.

Vaishali Takkar joined Yeh Hai Ashiqui in 2016 and played Vrinda. Later, she relocated to the Colors Channel, where she worked on many other well-known shows. She was succeeding, but she later hanged herself. The details of her passing are below.

Why Did Vaishali Takkar Commit Suicide? She Was Found Dead.

According to reports, she was residing in her Indore House in Indore when her employer arrived home and noticed her hanging in her room. He called her parents, who then filed a police report at Tejaji Nagar Police Station.

When the police arrived, they found a suicide note that had not yet been disclosed to the locals. According to the reports, she posted a video of herself talking to Dr. Abinandan Singh, and close family members were invited to the party.

Later, she removed that video from her Instagram account and replaced it with a funny video of herself. She was then seen as being more active on the platform, and all of a sudden, we notice her stepping in this direction.

Some people think she was depressed because of this relationship or that her husband forced her to commit suicide; the real story will emerge after the police officers share the suicide note. Police are looking into this case, so until they have more information, keep checking back with us for updates.

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