Viral NewsVideo de harta demencia herido a bala filtrado en twitter y reddit

Video de harta demencia herido a bala filtrado en twitter y reddit

Eliseo Duarte, also known as “Harta Demencia,” was shot dead by gunfire in an attack on a Guayaquil rehabilitation center.

The armed attack took place on the evening of February 23, 2023. Following the event, it was known that two people were injured and four people died.

Duarte worked as a counselor for addicts in rehabilitation after becoming a consumer.

According to the doctors, Duarte has received medical staff care and is currently in good health.

Following the pronunciation of the phrase in a television interview, the phrase “Basta de demencia” was given as a nickname.

The young man was interviewed by renowned host José Delgado while he and his friends were offering a program of street comedy and attempting to discuss a transportation issue.

Duarte stated that his dream job at the time was being a police officer or GIR agent. “I’m 20 years old and want to work as a police officer. But I want to be in GIR, and I want to be someone with enough demeanor,” he said.

After this interview, the young man made his dream of one day donning a police outfit a reality.

Eliseo Duarte tries to assist others who are having problems through his social media networks. Has amassed more than 50.300 followers on Instagram and 348.000 followers on TikTok.

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