Video Of Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight Viral On Social Media

Chrisean rock and Blue face are back in the news after a supposed video of Chrisean’s father beating Blue face and Blue face knocking out Chrisean’s father was posted online. This video is popular on social media and has also been seen by many people. This video has violent scenes and a fight between the two men in Chrisean’s life who are most important to him.

When Chrisean talked about this problem, she made it clear that no one was to blame and that this fight happened out of the blue. The couple is also putting out a show based on their story. Stay tuned for more information about this video that has gone viral.

Christian rock and Blue Face are always in the news for the wrong reasons. A long time ago, the couple who are now very well-known were in love and also famous. But in the last few months, the things the couple does in public have drawn much negative attention.

Even though the public has also been interested, the fights between the two have worsened. Earlier, the couple fought in the streets near the station, and the fight was caught on camera. Later, it seemed they had worked out their differences, but things between the families were not so good.

Chrisean is said to have hit and told mean things to Blue Face’s mother and sister. Since this wasn’t enough, Chrisean was also arrested and questioned. On the other hand, Blue face got into a fight with Chrisean’s father and her brother, who cruelly knocked him down and made fun of him. The couple’s relationship had its ups and downs, but people liked how they stuck together. The now-viral video shows Chrisean’s father and Blue Face getting into a brutal fight. In the end, Chrisean’s father can be seen bleeding from his nose.

During this fight, which happened in the early months of this year, the walker took a video on the road, and the two were physically separated. In the video, you can see that Father and Blueface were fighting, with Chrisean in the middle.

Chrisean’s father started the fight, and in the second half of the video, Blueface gets up and punches Chrisean’s father so hard that he starts bleeding from his nose as people scream and try to separate the two. Chrisean also talked about this on her social media sites.

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Chrisean said that her father used to beat up her mother, and it makes no sense that he would try to take her away from her boyfriend out of the blue. This happened in the early months of this year. The actress later deleted the tweet but also said that the couple’s families were fighting.

But the good news is that the couple is about to start their show, Chrisean Rock and Blueface: Crazy in Love, which will tell their whole story. On the other hand, you can watch the series on the Zeus network for an extra fee or free on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST if you don’t have a subscription.

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