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Video of Collier Gwin spraying water on a homeless woman has gone viral on social media

One of the many online videos that are getting a lot of attention is a video from San Francisco in which an old man can be seen spraying water on a homeless woman. The woman looks completely shocked. A shopkeeper who was standing right next to the old man’s store posted about this cruel act online.

The video quickly went viral on social media. In the meantime, this video also went viral on TikTok and other platforms. People have said mean things about the old man in this video who sprayed water on the homeless woman. Let’s learn more about this person. Collier Gwin is the name of the person who was seen spraying water on the homeless woman while standing casually.

After the video was posted on the TikTok account of the shop across the street, it was also shared on the shopkeeper’s Twitter page, where people made fun of the old man for spraying water in such a messy way. While the old was being asked for because his behavior was annoying. The homeless woman was sitting in front of the antique shop of the old man or coal miner, who wanted her to leave. After spraying the water, he tells the woman to leave.

Collier owns an art gallery in San Francisco, and he was seen hosing down a woman while leaning on the shop’s railing. While the poor homeless woman could be heard screaming and pleading with them to stop. Collier finally stops spraying water at the woman, and he tells her to leave by doing something else. The video was posted on TikTok by an account called San Francisco Bakery Briche SF. It was posted on January 9, 2023, Monday.

After a while, it was also posted on Twitter. Collier’s actions were definitely cruel, and they made a lot of people on the Internet think about how mean his owner is. After finding the shop’s address and asking the old man or coal miner about his actions, it was reported in the local news that he had admitted to hurting the homeless woman. Collier first said he didn’t do it, but later he admitted it and said it was wrong. He also said he was making excuses and that he tried to tell the police, but they didn’t respond quickly enough.

Collier also says that even if he told the police about the homeless people, they would take them away and put them in jail for two days. After that, they would spend two days in a homeless shelter, and then they would be back to work. People tried to defend Collier’s actions by saying that when those people came back, he took matters into his own hands and tried to scare the women away. As for the woman, no one knows where she is right now, but Collier has been told not to do things like this.

This video caused a lot of trouble online, and people said mean things about it and called out collier for being mean. One Twitter user said, “Give me this guy’s address, he needs some lessons,” and another said that Collier should be sued for doing something like that in public.

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