Viral NewsVideo of Takuhub Amy Riley electricity incident Viral on social media

Video of Takuhub Amy Riley electricity incident Viral on social media

Leslie Shaw, who is from Peru, has been in the news lately because she was involved in the breakup of singer Thalia and her husband Tommy Mottola. She is a singer and model who just recently said that due to the economy, the prices for her OnlyF account will go down by a lot.

The singer said on social media that a subscription to exclusive content now costs $71 USD or Colombian pesos per month, which is more than the previous price of $81 USD or Colombian pesos per month.

The artist wrote on Twitter that it now costs 15 USD to sign up for her OnlyF channel. Keep in mind that this price is for one channel.

After talking to the famous “Skinny” Grande as a reporter, he said that he wants to put himself in the place of people who are interested in his art and modeling career. Unfortunately, he is having trouble making money.

The woman said she lowered the price a little because she knew things were hard and most of her OnlyF fans were from Peru.

Entertainment journalists in Peru and Mexico say that Thala and her husband Mottola are no longer together because Leslie cheated on him.

The host of a Peruvian show with the same name, Magaly Medina, said that photos from December 2022 show a family that is all together and doesn’t have any toasts. Medina also said that family gatherings were always close and that everyone took part in the holiday fun.

Ernesto Buitrón, a Mexican journalist, said that the artist is 51 years old and has been seen to act differently than was first thought. People talked about her on social media, and someone said that she had done something different.

When rumors about his death have been going around in the past, they haven’t been as sure this time.

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