Viral NewsWaka Sabadell Video Went Viral on Social Media; What happened at the...

Waka Sabadell Video Went Viral on Social Media; What happened at the disco

Waka Sabadell Video Went Viral on Social Media: The ERC-controlled City Council of Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona) has asked the Generalitat to close the Waka nightclub immediately after a minor reported a new s*xu@l assault on the premises last weekend. This time, the assault happened during the nightlife at the club. The government team said in a letter made public on Tuesday, “This is the second time in less than six months.”

What happened was that the Waka nightclub wasn’t in the city limits. Instead, it was in an area called the Seal of Sabadell. An industrial estate between the joint capitals of El Vallès and Sant Quirze, whose excesses hurt a second population more than Sabadell.

Last Sunday at 6:15 a.m., the Mossos were told that a minor had been raped in the club. The young woman was helped, and her attacker was described she was not in jail.

There are a lot of different things that happen at the Waka nightclub. In February of last year, police caught a man who had s3xu@lly ass*ulted a young woman. In December of last year, when 1,000 young people fought violently in front of the nightclub, the San Quez City Council asked the Generalitat to step in and keep the peace inside the club.

Two police officers were hurt in a fight that was called on social media to prot*st what people say is racist behavior by doormen when they let people into rooms. So, the team from the government has complained and asked the Generalitat to help.

The city council said again on Tuesday that it fully supports the people who were s3xu@lly assaulted last weekend. This time, the ERC city council has said this about its fellow party members in the municipality:

Viral video

It cannot be tolerated that the Generalitat continues to allow repeated s3xu@l assault activities. We don’t have the power to tell it to shut down as a city. We have asked for public entertainment and leisure activities a lot of times. The General Directorate depends on the Republicans to handle internal matters.

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