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Wanita Kebaya Merah Full 16 Menit Video Became Viral

Every day, thousands of videos appear on the Internet, but some are controversial and know how to get people’s attention. But some of them are gross and make people feel bad when they watch them. At the moment, a video breaking the Internet’s rules is going viral. It has many risque scenes. It is hard to understand how a video that shouldn’t be on the web went viral and how the Internet lets the public see this video.

Anyway, the search term for this popular video is “Kebaya Merah leaked full on Twitter and Reddit,” and as the name suggests, it shows many intimate scenes. This video has caused a huge fight, and the police are now investigating it.

Red kebaya videos keep making a mess on the Internet. After seeing the video and all the chaos, the police opened a case, and now the Bali Regional Police are looking for the couple who wore masks and played the red kebaya video.

The video was first seen on Twitter and Reddit. It then spread to many other sites and caught the attention of cyber police. The Deputy Chief of the Bali Police Kompol, AKBP Nanang Prihasmoko, said on Thursday, November 3, 2022, “We are aware of the leaked video, and we are currently investigating the case. However, we cannot say where the case stands right now, and we are trying to find out if the video was recorded in Bali or outside of the country.”

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In the Red kebaya videos, women and men are dressed up as hotel staff and guests, and the main woman in the video can be seen stopping to tie her hair and wearing black high heels. In addition to this video, the man’s scarf around his waist is also fascinating.

The video shows the woman wearing a brown scarf around her neck. They are trying to make a movie scene, and the woman in red clothes gives the ashtray to the man in the bathroom after he knocks on the door.

After that, two men came out wearing nothing but towels. From the beginning of the video, both of the men shown are wearing masks that hide their faces. This makes it hard to tell who they are.

Women were also seen wearing black masks, along with the men. The video was made in the hotel room, the investigation has found. In the video, the only thing the person wears is a white towel. The search for the people who did it is still on hold.

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