Watch: Amandine Pellissard Video & Photos Went Viral On Social Media

We’re here to explain something that’s getting a lot of attention and causing a lot of arguments on social media. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, it’s because, on January 18, we heard about something that had to do with Amandine Pellissard. So she used her son as a replacement to respond to the criticism on the social media site and on her Instagram account. Make sure you read this article to be the last to know about the whole thing.

She showed up while relying on her son to defend her. She is a well-known person and the mother of eight. She has been attacked by a lot of social media sites because she was on A Big Family for several seasons. Now that she is leaving the show, she recently sued the channel. Aside from that, she started uploading some content that was about sexually explicit things.

When people saw this kind of adult and e*plicit content, they started to criticize her for embarrassing her child. On January 18, 2023, she finally decided to respond to all the people who have been picking on her, so she came up with the statement “to the hater’s heart to you.” It was a video, and we could see her and her son Leo in it. She was filming it in her own kitchen, and she said, “I know when I post a picture of you online, people are ashamed of me, so are you ashamed of your mother?”

Aside from this, she also says that you love her mother a lot, so a teenager came up and said, “Yes, of course, we love, so she shouldn’t be a saint of her mother.” Amandine Pellissard is a well-known influencer, and she has a lot of fans who follow her. Right now, she has 332k followers on Instagram, out of which she follows 1726 people and has 462 posts, so you can also check out her photos and videos there.

She is stunningly beautiful and used to get a lot of love and support from her fans, but now she is getting a lot of criticism on social media, and people were very shocked when she started posting things that are not at all appropriate. We know that many online platforms are being made where people can pay for photos, videos, and live streams by signing up for a monthly membership. We also know that many content creators, trainers, and models have been using this.

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