Watch: Ayshatul Humaira Video Viral On Social Media

There are a lot of viral videos on the internet. When the internet is full of viral videos, it’s hard to stand out or get noticed. If you are an artist trying to prove yourself, it often gets even harder. Even though some videos get on popular trends or get a lot of attention by accident. One video of a girl from Haryana getting a lot of attention is her dancing to music with a singer.

This song is now viral and is trending on Instagram. The video of the girl dancing to it also got much attention. So, stay tuned as we look into this video that has gone viral. During the holiday season, a video of a girl singing while wearing a cute little dress went viral all over the internet. A singer can be seen singing while the girl moves around and dances to the song in her world.

The singer posted this video on Instagram, and it became trendy very quickly. While the singer who posted the video online and sang the song has Haryanvi roots and is well-known these days for his hit song “Kamar Teri Light Right Hale.” This easy-going song is popular right now, and the singer is getting to sing it all over the country.

The singer’s name is Ajay Hooda, and he put a video of his song online. Because the lyrics were so easy to understand, the video quickly went viral. When this song went viral, many people made reels and short videos about it, which turned it into a trend. This video of Hooda and a girl dancing to a song is going viral because both Hooda and the girl seem to like the song. The singer put the video online himself. In it, he can be seen singing on stage while the girl moves to the music.

On the other hand, the reel has been liked and watched hundreds of times. On the other hand, the little girl is also on Instagram, and her dance moves left everyone in awe. Speaking of the video, Ajay and Dishu, the little singer here, posted the video or reel on their Instagram page. In the video, you can see Ajay Hooda singing and the little girl dancing.

The girl is killing it while wearing a yellow dress, a denim jacket, and a white hair band. Other dancers on stage were dancing in the background. Even though the girl is lost in her dancing world, it is clear that the other dancers are also enjoying themselves. The video got more than 84,000 likes and a lot of comments. Many channels share this video, and people watch it on those channels as well.

Now, about the little girl seen dancing in the video, her name is Dishu Yadav, and she can be seen moving to the beat of the song. The girl has a page where her parents post pictures and videos of her. The girl has more than 468k followers, and there are many pictures and videos of her online. The girl has also used YouTube and other forms of social media. Dishu is only 2 years old, but she loves to dance. While Ajay has more than 1.2 million people following him on Instagram.

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