Viral NewsWatch: Babar Azam's private videos, Screenshots get LEAKED on Social Media

Watch: Babar Azam’s private videos, Screenshots get LEAKED on Social Media

Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan and a player who is now having success with the bat, is currently embroiled in new controversy after being accused of sexting with the girlfriend of another Pakistani cricketer by a verified Twitter account on Monday morning.

Private Videos & Chats with Babar Azam via social media, a leak. In the last nine to ten months, Pakistan has seen changes in practically every administrative division, and Pakistan Cricket is no exception. The whole management structure has changed, and in the last month there have been several complaints about unqualified media being granted the opportunity to interview our national cricket team,

which has the potential to lower their morale. Additionally, a few series losses have been acting as contributory factors. The skipper, Babar Azam, now ranked among the top 5 players in all of cricket, has been under much criticism.

Pakistan’s captain and supremely skilled batsman, Babar Azam, has achieved several victories in his cricket career. Baber Azam entered the top batting list of the globe after breaking several world records in international cricket.

Recently, a video of Babar Azam acting for an advertisement has been making waves on social media. Baber Azam spoke a brief promotional line for the advertisement that was really expressionless and in some ways quite casual, and his followers and the general public disapproved of the acting effort.

The captain is now embroiled in controversy when a woman named Eisha Babar Azam posted coded messages that she reportedly exchanged with the captain. She further shared a voice memo and a video with the girl’s face obscured. Moreover, she claimed that Babar had lied to her by making flowery promises while already having a relationship with his cousin.

Babar Azam’s videos

The star’s supporters are not just standing around doing nothing. They believe that this is part of a planned effort to discredit him. Press conferences, social media usage, and now these are all allegedly part of a plan to have him removed as captain. After hearing that the new PCB administration wanted three different captains for the three cricket forms, fans began believing these ideas.

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