HeadlineWatch: Boysplanet Season 999 Episode Viral

Watch: Boysplanet Season 999 Episode Viral

Recently, we learned that a video is going viral on social media, and many people are interested in it because they want to know more about the boys planet contestants. So make sure you read this article to the end, because we’re here to tell you that boys planet is a South Korean audition-style variety TV show, and many people are interested in this season because they want to know more about the contestants.

The first episode of Boys Planet is also out there, and you can watch it online. If we talk about the boy’s planet, it’s all about survival, and people are really into it right now. It’s based on the themes and aesthetics of space, and each of the two groups, Korea and Global, represents a planet. There is also a master, known as the Master Council, which is made up of two kpop masters, tomato and the 95 boys, who play the main roles.

As we know, there was also a show called Girls Planet 999, where viewers voted for one of three groups: Korea, China, or Japan. However, when it comes to voting for boys’ planet, you have to vote for each contestant individually. Instead, there is a mobile app called Mnet Plus mobile that can be used as a background source to vote for the contestants.

We know you can’t wait for the new adventure because it will make your heart beat faster. Mnet came out and said that boys planet will be the male version of girls planet 999. It will come out in 2022. Later, they also came out and told everyone that they were taking applications for potential contestants between December 11, 2021, and February 11, 2022. On June 25, 2022, they confirmed that boys planet would start airing in the first half of 2023.

We know that there could be a good reason to extend the application period, but they also said that the trainees from the top nine agencies and the self-train applicants from 84 countries in Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East will make their debut in February 2023. There will be 98 participants from all over the world. The date was later announced to be February 2.

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