Viral NewsWatch: Ghizlane Xoxo Video & Photos Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Watch: Ghizlane Xoxo Video & Photos Viral On Twitter, Reddit

A Reddit user shared photos of model and actress Ghizlane xoxo. The fact that the two women on the left are wearing black jeans only adds to the confusion. One of the woman’s legs sitting second from the left is completely hidden by the other woman’s legs. If you look closely, you can see a small part of her second leg. A few years ago, an ophthalmology resident in Horsham, Pennsylvania, tweeted about an optical illusion that people couldn’t stop talking about.

After about 30 seconds of looking at one spot, the image disappears. The tmz website was the first to talk about the pictures. In September, the Twitter user @WHS Carpet showed us this amazing photo. Jacob Shamsian of INSIDER noticed that even though the floor is completely flat, the carpet designer left wide gaps between some lines to give the impression of depth and a crater.

The “Your NFT is now your new avatar” message was found in an internal app banner that wasn’t visible to the public. This is how Nima Owji, a developer and researcher, first found out about the change. Five days later, the same company confirmed the feature in a statement to TechCrunch. Owji had thought that the announcement was the start of a new collection of digital items from Reddit.

It is made clear that the first tests are being done internally and in small groups. Some people say that the pictures were taken by a paparazzi photographer. Photography has changed and grown over the past century, and it is still around today. The earliest photographs show how the world looked at that time. They show how scenes that were once beautiful and worth keeping are now dark and even scary.

When you look at this collection of old photos, you’ll definitely get a shiver now and then. If you want more examples, BusinessInsider has put together a list of well-known optical illusions, strange viral images, and other effects that will make you think. These examples show how our brains process and understand things like color, peripheral vision, the size of objects, and other things.

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