Watch: Lacey Amour Travelodge Video Went Viral On Social Media

Everyone can do things like filming, which is one of them. Even though there are a lot of viewers and people who make content, films have been made everywhere and in every corner. In some places, it must be legal to film, make content, or even shoot. Some places do let you shoot in their area, while others don’t and might even charge you if you don’t ask them first.

A model is being sued by a hotel where she filmed her movie, but she won’t pay. Stay tuned as we go into more detail about what happened with Lacey Amour. Lacy Amour is an adult model who is in the news right now because of a dispute with hotel management. Lacy denies the accusations made against her. As was already said, Lacey works as a model for adult movies and gets paid for it.

Even though she is well-known for being online and for being an adult model, many people might not like what she does. Even though it’s possible that many people don’t like the work that adult actresses do in general. That’s exactly what Lacy needs to say. According to what she said, she and her crew filmed, but they didn’t do it in the open; they did it in their rooms.

Lacey said that the hotel sent them a legal notice saying that they will take legal action against them if they broke any of the rules and regulations of the hotel. At the same time, Lacey says she is surprised that the hotel wants to sue them even though she filmed all of her adult content in a room. She talks about how her industry is getting bad press for no reason and how, even though it is the oldest industry in the world, it is not respected.

On December 12, 2022, Lacey and her 27 crew members went to a hotel room called Travelodge in New Castle’s Cobalt Business Park to log in. After Lacey and her crew went to the hotel, they are said to have filmed pornography in the hotel room. The hotel staff has said that they have seen the crew filming in the lobby and the waiting area when no one was there.

On the other hand, Lacey says that she and her crew were filming stuff in their rooms, which they rented for about $43 per night. When the team found out that they were filming stuff, they were kicked out of another hotel room. The model and her crew booked four rooms at the hotel, where they stayed. Aside from that, the model said they knew the families were in the hotel room and didn’t start filming until they left.

Lacey says that people don’t like what her industry does, even though they work in the oldest industry. Lacey said that she was just trying to do her job. The hotel, on the other hand, said that they didn’t know they were shooting pornographic content. They also said that they would check their rules and regulations and take legal action against the model and the crew if any of them were broken. On the other hand, the hotel says that they thought this might be a normal online booking like many others.

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