Watch: Paul Murdaugh Snapchat Video Went Viral On Social Media

Recently, a video is going viral on social media, and it’s shocking everyone. Make sure you read this article all the way to the end to find out what happened. The double murder was in South Carolina, and the person who did it was named Alex Murdo. He killed both his wife and his son.

So you’ve come to the right place, because we’re here to tell you about this horrible situation and how he turned into a killer. We know it’s a long story, but his son was breaking out on the board a few months ago, and they thought it wasn’t that serious at the time because they were keeping a lot of harmless stuff. Mr. Murdaugh was the first person to talk to the police, and he told the public about the whole thing for the first time on Thursday, when he was in court.

This thing happened on Thursday. It is said to be the trial of the man who killed his wife Maggie and his youngest adult son Paul in 2021. In June of that year, a camera was released from the department where Mr. Murdo was trying to keep investigators from listening to him talk about the crime and the whole situation. Before the deputies got there, he called 911 and told them what happened on the boat. When he got there, he told them what happened.

Mr. Murdaugh was charged at the time of his death because he was driving a boat while drunk, and he quickly crashed into a bridge after a night party in 2009. This led to the death of a passenger. He told investigators that he didn’t know what happened and that he didn’t kill his wife and son, and his lawyer said that all of the assumptions being made are quite reasonable.

Aside from this, he also told the police to look into other possibilities. After the whole investigation, they found the 12 gauge shotgun that Alex Murdo grabbed after finding his wife and son dead. However, the deceased and the deputy defended this on Thursday, and the defense asked them if they might have messed up the scene when they got there that night, which is a possibility.

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