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Watch: Ryo and Yuu go video viral on twitter, instagram and Reddit

The most recent scandal includes two young people who were imprisoned after a video of them went viral on the internet. The film stars two people named Ryo and Yuu, who have received a lot of attention online. According to speculations, the two persons in the pornographic film were imprisoned as a result of the adult film’s intentional dissemination. The explicit video became viral on the internet. For the most recent information, visit hostspotnews.com


Takashi Yoshino, 36, and Yuna Yamamoto, 22, are said to be the two persons in the video. They are business partners, and an internet video of them is popular. Although the entire Ryo and YUU film has since been taken from its original location, images and parts of it may still be seen online. For a time, the video was very popular on the internet. Takashi and Yuna are the two persons accused of recording and sharing personal footage online.

The two were accused of being well-known for distributing pornographic videos online under the alias RYO and YUU, as well as being well-known on abroad websites rather than in their hometowns or countries. This was followed by another charge. The two Toyota City residents were discovered to have been distributing sexual movies online since June of last year. Another source claims that the two are generating $4 million each month from their videos.

Since its inception in Canada in 2007, the website where they published nud*e or personal photographs has received over 42 billion views as of 2019. Takashi was caught exploring the website nude, according to Yuna. Takashi and Yuna were revealed to have met for the first time the previous November. Since then, the two have made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling private photographs on the internet. The two were punished as a result of complaints from video watchers.

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Yuna also uploads pictures of her nak*ed on the internet. Women on this website contribute their private images and videos for a little charge. The service is most often utilised in Japan, where women have made quick money by submitting their films. A great number of individuals utilise the site, especially females who submit and benefit handsomely from their private films. Anna, a frequent visitor to the website, also posts her films there..

The woman and her husband, both 40 years old, submit the footage to the internet movies. Despite the fact that Anna’s videos have a huge number of viewers, she claims that her two weekly uploads are plenty for her. She stated that she had no objections to the fact that many people mask their faces when posting.

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