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Watch: Video of Emmanuel Lwasa that has gone viral on social media

Emmanuel Lwasa, a businessman, has finally spoken out about the viral video depicting a man in a love connection with a woman. Thousands of people said to have viewed the video as it went viral on various social media sites. When the sensual romantic video went viral, internet people began to form opinions about the man in it. Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel been mentioned in various social media posts. Emmanuel Lwasa, a business mogul, depicted in the video having oral $ex. Follow our website, hostspotnews.com, for the most recent information!!!!!

Video of Emmanuel Lwasa

Do you like to hear his thoughts on popular videos? There is an update to this famous video. What Emmanuel Lwasa stated be explored in the following sections. Let’s find out if the man in the video is Lwasa or not. Scroll down. According to the interview, business mogul Lwasa has distanced himself from the $ex video. According to a source, the $ex tape has been trending on Twitter and other social media sites.

Emmanuel Lwasa’s Leaked Video

There is no disputing that people interested in the picture since it is under Emmanuel’s supervision. According to the source, Emmanuel Lwasa’s phoney $ex tape put online on Thursday. He has said unequivocally that he has no relation to the $ex tape. Emmanuel Lwasa’s fame has contributed to the video’s impressive amount of views and impressions, despite the fact that it has only been up for a short time.

In the video, a man has oral $ex with a lady as she tapes it. The presenter of Radio Simba called Emmanuel on the phone to discuss the problem. He then delivered his final thoughts on the film. Emmanuel Lwasa claims he has no knowledge what is on the video. He stated that individuals spreading false claims and attempting to destroy my name should continue their acts if they assist alleviate financial hardship. In the video below, Emmanuel Lwasa vehemently refutes all claims.

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