Viral NewsWatch: Who is Aroomikim's video went viral on Reddit and Twitter

Watch: Who is Aroomikim’s video went viral on Reddit and Twitter

Amrapali Gan at Time100 Next Race 2 in New York City on October 25, 2022. Jamie McCarthy/Pixabay

Gan has worked for the company for less than two years. In December 2021, he will become CEO of OnlyFans. She started working as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for the social platform in London in September 2020.

Insider said that Gan, who is 37 years old, took over as CEO after company founder Tim Stokely left in December 2021. OnlyFans said in August 2021 that it would ban sexually explicit content, but a few weeks later, it changed its mind. Stockley is leaving a few months after the country was reunited.

Gan’s choice as CEO after a short time at OnlyFans was a surprise. Gan, on the other hand, said that her people skills set her apart from other tech CEOs. “You have business leaders who went to prestigious schools in the Ivy League, but they don’t answer. Gan told TIME in a July 2022 interview, “I’m the exact opposite.”

Insider asked Gan for a comment, but he didn’t give one. Fortune says that Gan was born in Mumbai and grew up as an only child in Virginia.

She lives in Miami right now, but she used to live in Los Angeles. She got a BA in Public Relations and Organizational Communications after she graduated from Cal State University.

Gan later went online to Harvard Business School and got a certificate in business.

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