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WATCH: Who Is Livy Renata, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube Viral Video, Age, Instagram, and More!

Hello readers! Livy Renata’s music has lately gained popularity on the Internet. Livy Renata, a 19-year-old student of Bina Bangsa International School, was born on March 26, 2002. Her grandma was from Taiwan, and she is a well-known Tik Tok girl from Indonesia. She is currently residing in Jakarta. In the most current video, she seemed to be extremely pleased with the female guy. We have no idea who he is, although she may have been dating him. Follow hostspotnews.com for more updates.

Livy Renata Viral Video

For those who are unaware, Hotman Paris is the internet alias of a well-known Indonesian lawyer. His extravagant lifestyle, showy attire, and numerous mistresses are well-known. People frequently observe celebrities attempting to get the attention of renowned and gorgeous models by commenting on their social media postings. He did it again, and he even acknowledged to sending her Instagram direct messages. Fans of Livy Renata erupted when he declared his desire for her.

Livy Renata

Who is Livy Renata?

Livy Renata, a 20-year-old model and internet sensation, is youthful, gorgeous, and exquisite in her appearance and body dimensions. The model is still too busy attempting to get more people to notice it after receiving more attention than intended online. As previously said, she just shared some of her most intriguing images on her account, which delighted all of her admirers. When an Indonesian celebrity got involved, people started discussing about the act of submitting content.

Hotman Paris, a well-known figure, on the other hand, just responded with smiley faces and said nothing further. Even with such a tiny number of participants, though, netizens drawn in. After the important lawyer said something, many of them began to talk.

To sum up her height, Livy Renata is between 160 and 170 cm tall.

The issue is that in a photo of the two of them on her Instagram, Ivan Gunawan’s shoulder looks identical to Livy Renata’s. Renata is already well-known as a Brand Ambassador. Yes, Livy Renata is the business administrator (BA) for Alter Ego, an esports team headquartered in.She is currently well-known in the esports community as well as among Indonesian celebrities. She was also requested to appear on a number of TV and YouTube shows, which helped to make the event a reality.

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Livy Renata has been in the headlines since she used to work at a cafe. This in addition to the fact that she is recognised as a BA. People are aware that Livy Renata’s family is quite affluent. So Livy proved her mother correct when

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