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Watch:Dua Zahra Photos and Video Go Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube

Dua Zahra leaked video

Dua Zahra photos and video have gone viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. Zaheer Ahmed’s mother apologised to Dua Zahra’s parents, saying she knew how distraught they were when their daughter left the family. During a news conference, Zaheer’s mother, Noor Bibi, stated that both of her boys are in danger and should be moved to Lahore as soon as feasible. More information may be found at hostspotnews.com.

Dua Zahra leaked video on reddit

Noor Bibi then requested that the authorities bring Zaheer before the local court, which would deliver the decision.

“My boys should be brought back here, and the verdict should be proclaimed here as well.” Why was the case revisited following the Sindh High Court’s decision?” She was curious.

“I understand the anguish Dua’s parents felt when their daughter left. They look like my sister and brother, so please excuse me,” she said.

She went on to add that Zaheer wanted to marry Dua. I interrupted her and told him to focus on his studies instead.

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“They both are to responsible for this marriage, and when Dua returned from Karachi, Zaheer intended to send her back,” she explained.

Dua Zahra Video viral on twitter

Dua Zahra was returned to Karachi earlier this week, and she was brought before a magistrate at the municipal court on Wednesday.

As stated during the hearing, Dua should not be presented until additional court instructions are issued to ensure that the environment is acceptable.

The judicial judge had directed the public prosecutor to present the child only upon court order.

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