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What Caused Andre Payette’s Death? Obituary & Funeral for Newcastle Vipers Legend At 46, Wife

Former Conventry Star and UK Ice Hockey player Andre Payette recently passed away. People are flooding the relatives of the dead with heartfelt condolence notes. He was 46 when he passed away. While playing and living in the UK, Andre Payette was a member of the Grand Slam Winning from 2004 to 2005.

Andre Payette was also a player for the Sheffield Steeldogs, Whitney Warriors, New castle Vipers, and Manchester Phoenix. He was a recent coach for the Mackenzie Mountaineers and a native of Canada.

Why did Andre Payette pass away?

Andre hated the Vipers because they had fur ears, and he played for the New Castle after moving there in 2004. Andre Payette also spent a year playing in Coventry. Even yet, he only spent one season with Manchester Phoenix before switching to Sheffield Steeldogs. Andre worked with the steel both as a player and as an excellent teacher.

Andre spent the remainder of his career with the Whitley Warriors until choosing to leave the workforce in 2017. He had previously played in the northeast. Andre spent five years working with the steel dogs. His cause of death has not yet been made public since the family wanted some privacy.

Cause of Death for Andre Payette

Andre not only coached the Mackenzie Mountaineers but he also coached in Sheffield and served as the Hull Pirates’ business director for two years. The Flame made the announcement that Andre Payette had passed away and stated that everyone at the blaze Coventry was heartbroken to learn about his passing.

Andre was 46 years old when he was discovered dead in his home on September 28, 2022, according to information made public. The Blaze also stated in their statement that they had a close relationship with Andre and were devastated to learn of his passing. Oliver, the son of Andre, is in their thoughts as they send their condolences to friends and family.

Wikipedia and bio for Andre Payette

The Sheffield Steeldogs have also declared that they are heartbroken by the tragic death of their former player Andre and that everyone in Sheffield is stunned to hear of Andrea’s loss. They continued by saying that they will remember him on Sunday because there were games, and they extended their sympathies to the family.

The Philadelphia Flyers picked Andre 244th overall in the 1994 NHL Draft, and while playing for the Flyers in the AHL, he also won a Calder Cup. Andre endured 3000 minutes of punishment for dropping his gloves and fighting on the ice during his time in the UK, and his fans and admirers were no longer surprised by it.

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