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What Caused Bryan Tumolo Mahopac’s Death? Putnam Valley Crash: Car Accident, One Dead, Three Injured!

In Putnam Valley, there was a fatal accident that resulted in one death and numerous injuries. This Wednesday’s incident took place, and when the locals learned about it, they were horrified. Teenagers who were hurt and were taken by police in an air ambulance were also in one of the two automobiles Collison. Bryan Tumolo collided with Lake Peekskill’s, an 18-year-old driver travelling south, and both of them sustained injuries. While only one person is reportedly killed.

Police are issuing alerts in an effort to control the number of fatalities brought on by car accidents and wrecks. New York State is the home of the Putnam valley. Let’s find out more information about the vehicle accident in Putnam Valley and its participants.

What took place regarding Bryan Tumolo Mahopac?

Bryan Tumolo, a 23-year-old male from Mahopac, was confirmed as the deceased. There is currently no information available regarding the youngsters’ whereabouts, when they were travelling, or the precise circumstances of the crash because authorities are still conducting their investigations.

The teenagers who were also involved in the collision were hospitalised and are in critical condition, although they are being watched. Speaking of Bryan, he left his home at roughly 8:55 p.m. and was travelling north on Wood St.

Car Crash Information for Bryan Tumolo Mahopac

The accident included two cars and happened on September 28, 2002, on a Wednesday early in the morning, according to the local police. Three teenagers were also hurt, and the individual who was declared deceased was a Bryan Tumolo Mahopac man, according to the reports.

When the neighbourhood residents and walkers learnt about the accident, they immediately summoned the police. When the police arrived, they discovered that the alleged resident of Mahopac had already passed away. The other car, which had some youngsters, was then checked; fortunately, the occupants were still alive and were taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Putnam Valley Crash: One Dead, Three Injured

The other two people engaged in the collision were 17-year-olds, along with Lake, who was 18 years old. Several female travellers, including one who was 15 years old, came from the Putnam Valley.

According to the medical professionals, the 17-year-old sustained many critical injuries and was sent to the Westchester Medical Center for treatment. Several departments were on the scene to aid in the investigation and to assist the car accident victims.

Members of the Carmel Police Department, Sherriff’s detectives, the NYS Police Collision Reconstruction Unit, and Sherriff’s deputies were all there at the site aiding in the investigation and assisting the victims.

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