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What happened to Notti Osama? Cause of Death for Notti Osama

We’ll share some disturbing information about a 14-year-old with you in this article. He has a sizable following and is frequently referred to as the rapper Notti Osama. According to news sources, Notti Osama was the target of numerous attacks and was placed in a Manhattan-area subway flat. When the news of his passing spread around the city, everyone was shocked and intrigued by what had happened to him.

People are incredibly intrigued and shocked when they learn that someone killed a 14-year-old boy and what the reason was for it. Don’t share even a single detail of what happened with him. As a result of his photo being released online, investigators are currently attempting to determine and study the evidence that was the main cause of his death.

Cause Of Death For Notti Osama

The onlookers were incredibly inquisitive and were remarking on what a brilliant child he was. He had just turned 14 years old. Notti Osama had been savagely injured in the stomach as he was being led to a trip to a Manhattan subway platform. He was allegedly wrecked in the street near the City College train station at around three o’clock in the afternoon. He was reportedly waiting for his brain to be taken off the platform.

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He was taken to a local hospital after the police called to report that he had sustained a stomach injury. Despite her best efforts to save him, the doctor deemed him already dead. There were numerous bloody wounds. The staff was shocked to find that the boy had been slain and that an emergency worker had arrived on the site to try to save him, and the entire station fell silent. A person nearby started crying and turned to look at the deceased youngster.

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When the police showed up, they were informed that the injured party was fighting with the victim. The fight lasted for a while before it ended when it arrived at the police station, but there were many people who were concerned about the victim and were able to explain why he had acted as he had. Despite this, they continued to believe that the three teenage girls who had attempted to rob him were responsible for the fight. The sole girl attacking him was wearing a green gown, and the other two also gave him the creeps.

The two girls, who died at the same moment, were between the ages of 13 and 14. The victim was struck once in the stomach by air while there was fighting going on. Notti Osama had a great deal of talent, was well-known, and could entertain and motivate listeners with his songs. However, as soon as word of his passing spread online, people started paying respect to him.

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