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What happened when video of a woman disappearing behind Scarlett Johansson on red carpet went viral?

There are a lot of videos on the internet. Some get popular because they are funny or unique, while others get popular because they have explicit content. Either way, the videos never get old on the internet, because people are always watching a video and then realizing they’ve never seen it before. A video of actress Scarlett Johansson talking on a red carpet while something strange happens behind her is going viral on the internet.

The video of Scarlett talking to an interviewer as an old woman is making its way back onto the internet. In this video, actress Scarlett talks to an interviewer, and in the background, a woman who was walking suddenly disappears. This video of Scarlett has gotten a lot of views and is being shared quickly.

Even though the video is old and the quality shows it, it is making its way back onto the internet because someone on the internet thought something magical was happening on the red carpet where the interview was taken and where Scarlett was seen answering questions.

It’s not clear which red carpet event this video is from or who put it online, but it’s clear that it’s from a red carpet event because there are people and a red carpet in the background. After an anonymous Twitter user posted their old video online, it got a lot of views and, it seems, was shared a lot, which made it famous again on the internet.

This video of her went viral on the internet before, and it did so for the same reason. Even though many people have different thoughts about this video, a Twitter user told this story from a different point of view.


The video showed Scarlett talking to an interviewer when a woman came up from her left side. The woman could be seen walking from Scarlett’s left to her right side before disappearing. On the other side, where other people were standing, she is not there. A lot of people watched this video.

On the other hand, there is another side to the story. A Twitter user posted a video from the other side and said that the camera angle might have caused the problem because the woman who walked behind the actress looked normal from the other side.

In the counter video, the woman usually walks and emerges from the other side. Netizens were shocked when they saw this video, and after seeing it from the other side, they wrote a lot of comments. One Twitter user said that they are being tricked into seeing what other people want them to see.

The other user said that there is a difference in angle and that this might have looked like this because of how the camera was set up. Another user said that the editor might have done this to get people’s attention.

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